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Actionable insights to drive
more sales

Learn more about your customers and easily identify which marketing strategies are working best with our eCommerce reporting and analytics tools.


Stay on top
of your ROI

Easily keep track of the sales that Alzyara is driving you with spot-on revenue attribution and reporting. Keep tabs on sales generated across all campaigns and automations, and get a handy comparison to your total revenue numbers to see the full picture.


Learn what's working best

Our customer lifecycle-based segmentation takes the guesswork out of retention marketing. Alzyara dynamically assigns each customer a lifecycle stage and presents this data in an easy-to-read lifecycle stage map. That way, you can prioritize and personalize your retention strategies to the most valuable shoppers, keeping your brand top of mind and driving more repeat purchases.

Campaign and automation reports

Make sense of what’s actually driving you sales with detailed revenue and engagement reports for each of your campaigns and automations.

Built-in message reports

Make data-based workflow optimization decisions without leaving the Automation Editor–the key message performance stats are built right in.


See the whole picture

Get a bird's eye view of aggregated performance metrics and the flexibility to break them apart with our Advanced Reporting dashboards.

Pre-built SMS automation workflows

Save time using our pre-built automation workflows with texts for cart abandonment, birthday, order & shipping confirmation.


Set up a flash sale or promote newest items with precisely targeted SMS or MMS messages. Add GIFs and images and increase engagement even further.

SMS list
building tools

Seamlessly grow your contact base using our integrated forms in a non-intrusive, TCPA compliant manner

Track how you're doing with our analytics & reporting

Cookieless tracking

Keep accurate track of how much revenue your campaigns & workflows are driving across multiple devices & channels.

Cross-channel tracking

Perfect your omnichannel marketing strategy with channel-level attribution and reporting for email, SMS, and push notifications.

Custom attribution window

Set the attribution to represent your strategy & needs–the order attribution window is fully customizable.

Audience growth trends

Monitor & compare how your email & SMS lists are changing, directly from your dashboard.

Form reports

See which forms are getting you the most contacts and which ones still need some tweaks.

Live view

Readily-available web tracking data so you can understand your visitors' behavior and take actions to keep them engaged.

Understand & make use of
your data